Monday, July 30, 2012

New movie poster

A quick update on the new series "American Gypsy."

Here is the scoop: It is 90% staged, they are using actors to simulate situations, over-sensationalizing our court system, not showing entire families and staging actresses as wives and girlfriends. 

However, someone told me never to underestimate the good or bad taste of the American public, ie. "Jersey Shore." 
These gypsies have very attractive teenage children which will most definitely attract the MTV public. 

My suggestion is that National Geographic put a disclaimer in the beginning of their tv series saying that this is a staged reality show with actors involved.

Watching this makes me more proud of "Searching for the 4th Nail" because it is true and honest. 
This is also all the more reason for us to get 4th Nail on the market as soon as possible. 

Exciting news!

The entertainment DVD of Searching for the 4th Nail is scheduled for release this August!